STREAM joins forces with EFQM among 5 thought leaders (along with IBM, Great Place to Work, The Center for Competitiveness and EIPM) chosen by the EFQM to develop the Excellence Builders program, launched at the 2018 EFQM Forum held in Vienna. The program addresses 5 key business megatrends (i.e. Sustainability, Digital, Human Capital, Innovation and Business Ecosystems) by disseminating practical trainings and advanced tools to help organizations address current challenges and future trends.

The Sustainability Excellence Builder, developed in partnership between EFQM and STREAM, is a holistic program to support organizations in all aspects of their Sustainability journey, structured around three components:

Knowledge Component: Aims to understand emerging sustainability challenges and build internal knowledge to manage Sustainability, and includes among other:

Assessment Component
: Aims to measure quantitatively and assess objectively an organization's actual Sustainability maturity level, and includes among other:

  • An on-line Sustainability Assessment Tool (SAT) to quantitatively assess and graphically represent an organization's current sustainability level based on its policies, processes, performances and perception results, in order to take strategic decisions on which areas to focus on, tactical decisions on which sub-areas to improve, as well as utilize a tailor made pool of suggested improvements to easily develop a 3-5 year action plan.
  • An excel based Committed to Sustainability Assessment Tool (C2ST) to perform a sanity check vs. building blocks of sustainability as described in the C2S Framework.

Benchmarking Component
: Aims to benchmark and share knowledge with other organizations to become more sustainable, and includes among other:

  • A Community of Practice (COP) for Sustainability pioneers who would like to understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement in a structured and quantitative way, and furthermore share and learn the outcomes with peer pioneers of this benchmarking consortium.
  • An on-line Data Collection Tool (DCT) to gather data required to understand bottom line Sustainability related results, compare with peer organizations and populate a Sustainability Report, in a user friendly and secure way.

The Sustainability Excellence Builder program aims to support organizations in developing their in-house, long-term capacity to manage Sustainability issues in a structured and systematic way, rather than outsource these activities, by providing advanced knowledge, offering implementation tools and facilitating knowledge sharing among peer organizations.

For further information and participation, please visit here or contact us.