Research in occupational and organizational psychology shows that the greatest indicator for high performance (someone who outperforms the expectations of a role), is cultural fit, not  skills and knowledge, which are commonly the most used attributes in recruitment.

Furthermore, in a stable economy, most people leave their jobs because of relationship problems, or mismatch between the job and the person.

Consequently, most HR executives attribute a bad hiring decision to poor fit of the person with the work environment and culture.

For this reasons we offer CultureFit, an online employee selection tool (powered by Humantelligence), which helps organizations looking to hire the right employees, to select those with the best chances to succeed in the anticipated role, in the team and in the company.

CultureFit is a scientifically robust, cost effective and innovatively easy to use tool (as it can be completed in only 15 minutes through only 36 questions), which incorporates all the tools required to accurately assess a person's fit with the work environment and culture, including values assessment, occupation profiles, high performers analysis, fit factor weighting, candidate summaries, fit rankings, and more.

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