An important professional competency for both employees and leaders is self-awareness (the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires). In the same manner that the height of a building cannot be more than the strength of its foundation, so too it is difficult for a person with a weak self-awareness to be a good professional, as it will lack the ability to manage effectively both oneself, as well as others.

For this reason, we offer MyProfile, an online psychometric self awareness tool (powered by Humantelligence), which provides detailed feedback on a person’s:

  • Work Motivators, which informs on how a person is motivated and explains some of the root causes of a person’s thoughts and behaviors
  • Work Behavior, which explains how a person acts, reacts and responds to the demands of its work environment
  • Ideal Work, which informs what job a person can potentially deliver its best at and explains how a person responds to issues involving problems, people, pace and procedures
  • Life Priorities, which informs about priorities in the life of a person
  • Communication style, which informs how a person prefers and is able to communicate with others
  • Learning and Teaching style, which informs how a person consumes and shares information.

MyProfile is a scientifically robust, cost effective and innovatively easy to use tool:

  • Unique: is the only instrument on the market that covers four interrelated elements in one integrated assessment: Work Motivators, Work Behavior, Ideal Work, Life Priorities
  • Fast: has short response time as can be completed in 15 minutes through 36 questions minimizing the potential for respondent bias due to fatigue
  • Accurate: incorporates control for social desirability and intentional response bias, or faking responses
  • Reliable: qualitative research showed the tool to be 85%-95% accurate, as it is produced according to the standards of the American Psychological Association and The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Easy: conducted through  an easy to use online questionnaire which requires no prior preparation or specialized knowledge

MyProfile can be used both as a self awareness tool in order for a person to self accelerate performance, as well as a management tool in order for managers to know precisely how to manage (motivate, communicate, reward) their team members.

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