We help organisations improve their efficiency, effectiveness and responsibility, by offering excellent consulting, training, outsourcing and speaking services in the following Management areas:

  • Corporate Excellence: We help organisations operate more effective and efficient, by assessing how excellent they operate in terms of management approaches, identifying value adding improvements and implementing strategic programs, such as coordinating change, facilitating innovation and developing leadership.
  • Corporate Responsibility: We help organisations operate more responsibly, by assessing their maturity level on Corporate Responsibility issues, developing internal management systems (incl. Materiality Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement, Data Collection), coordinating implementation of Sustainability programs, supporting external and internal awareness (e.g. training) and developing Corporate Responsibility Reports.
  • Environmental Management: We help organisations operate more environmentally friendly, by assessing their performance (incl. benchmarking), supporting internal organisation (e.g. impact assessment, management systems), coordinating program development (e.g. energy modeling) and developing environmental reports.
  • People Management: We help organisations utilize the full potential of their people, by coaching Leaders, providing management tools (incl. psychometric analysis), mapping and changing corporate culture, developing effective human resource systems (incl. performance appraisal) and organising structured satisfaction surveys.
  • Process Management: We help organisations operate more effective and efficient, by defining clear business process models, developing quality management systems, identifying critical risks and conducting corporate audits (incl. internal operations and external suppliers).
  • Reputation Management: We help organisations improve their reputation, by assessing their reputational risks, conducting reputation surveys, supporting development of corporate identity, guiding strategic communication and facilitating transparent lobbying.