I was impressed by his experience and in-depth knowledge of all issues relating to sustainability and excellence. He has demonstrated an integrated knowledge of sustainability and excellence. His enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, and extensive experience, make him a strong collaborator in the areas of sustainability and excellence.
P. Echard – Training Manager

A high quality professional service: very professional approach, very good quality of delivered work, always very responsive and constructive in solutions, especially considering the challenging nature of the project.
C. Barnes – Services Director
CSR Europe

Services we have received in the last years by STREAM are characterized by professionalism, on time delivery and excellent quality.
V. Lolas – Affairs & Communication Director
Coca-Cola HBC

Excellence, high-end knowledge, valuable and constructive cooperation, STREAM acts as part of the customer's organization and delivers above expectations.
P. Ritsonis – Marketing & Communication Senior Manager

Our eyes opened to the idea that innovation is not just product, but also service, management systems and people related. Working with STREAM will challenge you to think bigger, to see business improvement opportunities with new eyes!
D. J. Kelly – Managing Director

STREAM makes your job easier! We were impressed by the level of first-hand experience STREAM has in our sector, by their finest direction and very practical advice.
E. Ndrecka – Head of Corporate Responsibility Unit
Telekom Albania

STREAM has deep knowledge of all issues regarding corporate sustainable development and we can recommend it for the professionalism they demonstrated and the added value delivered in every project we have worked together.
A. Motsakou – Communication & CSR Director

High quality services, fast, efficient and well qualified. Working with STREAM means collaborating with high level professionals who know their job well and are able to find the solution to satisfy specific needs of a company.
A. Papadopoulou – Corporate Affairs Manager

I consider our cooperation with STREAM one of the most effective and result oriented cooperations we ever had with consultants. Reliability, know how, time effectiveness, overall professionalism and willingness to deliver more than promised were strong assets of this successful cooperation.
A. Malti – CR Manager

A cooperation beyond expectations, great experience with high level professionals!
C. Grigora – Brand Marketing Manager Domestic Lines
Attica Group

We can recommend STREAM Management and Mr. Perakis for their professional skills, attitude, team work and open communication during the projects we collaborated.
F. Serban – Senior Coordinator Internal Coms & CSR
Cosmote Romania

Our cooperation was excellent: STREAM managed to deliver on time, a clear, non-bureaucratic, bottom line 3-year CR Strategy, customized to our management practices.
L. Komini – Quality & CSR Director

The flexibility of 1-to-1 meetings and focus was very appreciated.
S. John – Head of Sustainable Development


Beyond delivering promises on time, STREAM achieved significant simplification of our Environmental Management System, improving both effectiveness and efficiency.
G. Georgadakis – SHEQ Manager

The capacity building programme delivered by STREAM is enabling the ADSG to move rapidly on its Sustainability journey.
V. Soppelsa – Sustainability Policy Advisor
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

STREAM managed to understand quickly our corporate culture and utilise it to assess holistically our management practices, in order to improve.
G. Spyropoulos – General Manager

STREAM’s facilitation of our yearly self-assessment workshop was especially important this year, combining the principles of the EFQM Excellence Model with review of our strategy. STREAM’s work on this innovative combination, as well as its overall support in the whole procedure, turned out to be extremely fruitful for our company.
G. Konstantinidis – CEO

STREAM took a fresh and objective look at our company and helped us identify strengths and areas for improvement, which we had not considered. The report generated gave us a fair-minded view on the milestones we need to go through in our journey of Management Excellence.
S. Kyriakou – Managing Director

STREAM demonstrated not only professionalism, but also personal interest in providing value to us above typical expectations.
G. Georgallis – Marketing Director

I would like to express my personal appreciation to the excellent work you have done for ADSG and its members. The feedback we receive from our members who have participated in the program are very positive.
M. AlJawdar – Member General Secretariat
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

Thank you Emmanuel and ADSG. It has been a two year Journey filled with enrichments in knowledge and encouragement. It truly has been a mind shifting exercise.
F. AlAli – Procurement Manager

I consider myself a lucky person to have attended the program. It was a three year experience of real learning. Thanks.
J. Khanji – Advisor
Family Development Foundation

An excellent use of time. Informative, practical and balanced.
M. Homes – Sustainability Manager
First Abu Dhabi Bank

Emmanuel has a solid strategic thinking, unrivalled expertise supported by multicultural attitude and knows teaching with the right feeling. His passion and charisma makes him a desirable speaker, business partner and adviser. It was a pleasure for us to work with such a person that knows how to mix talent, creativity, knowledge and inspiration.
L. Oprea – Director
Saga Business & Community

Emmanuel has presented on issues such as Innovation, Responsibility in our conferences and has always received the top rate by the audience. He constantly scores over 4.6 out of 5, while on average our world class ‘guru’ speakers score 4.5 and local speakers 3.
M. Boussias – Managing Director
Boussias Conferences


One of the best Leadership courses that I have come across.
R. Gopalan – Trade Marketing Manager

It was very, very good. It opened my eyes and thinking in a lot of new ways especially in how to deal with people.
A. AlAli – Manager
Presidential Flights

A very well thought out course and the perfect trainer to conduct it.
K. AlIbrahim – Deputy Chief Pilot Fleets
Qatar Airways

Best short course ever, about myself and management skills.
A. Ahmed – Grain Trader

It has been a great pleasure to be on this 2-day seminar, on Innovation & Creativity, here in Austria. You have truly impressed me and my colleagues, and we all enjoyed the course very much.
K. Seydali – Logistics Director

Tough experience, which really changed how we perceive our work as individuals, in the field of Sustainability management and reporting.
B. AlRowahi – Corporate Analyst
Department of Economic Development

Highly informative and value added course that helped our entity immensely.
S. Veeraraghavan – Manager, Internal Audit

Engagement of the trainer with the participants and his experience from multinational companies was very fruitful.
M. Rabie – Senior Director/Retail Operations

Many training sessions have shiny Big Titles, but this course meant what it wanted to deliver: Sustainability Management, Reporting and a Road map to achieve it.
F. AlSaba – Manager, Strategic Projects
First Abu Dhabi Bank

It is a high level training course and it could solve many issues across an organization.
A. Ibrahim – Senior Excellence Officer
Abu Dhabi Health Services

Course was thought provoking and challenging.
S. Khan – Director/Sales Governance & Quality Assurance

The knowledge I gained from this 2-day course has broadened my horizon and strengthened my confidence at work.
N. Nasrala – Senior CSR Manager
Dubai Properties Group

I am very thankful to you for the most informative session I have ever had! Your patience and sincere dedication to the work made it very interesting and useful! Needless to say that I enjoyed every single moment and I have learnt a lot!
J. Khanji – Sustainability Advisor
Family Development Foundation

It has been one of the best training courses that I attended. Although I came with very little information on the topic, I am leaving with very big charge and confidence that I can add value within my organization.
B. AlMesbahi – Senior Analyst, Research & Advocacy
Emirates Foundation

Hands down, this was most valuable training course I have attended in the UAE. Excellent!
J. Gasik – Strategy Manager

It was a very beneficial course and it gave us a holistic view of the topic.
M. AlAwadhi – VP HSSEQ & Business Excellence

Provocative topics and discussion in a good and positive constructive manner.
W. Abukishk – Head Group Agreements & Relations

Excellent entry level course.
V. Soppelsa – Sustainability Policy Advisor
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

I liked the course a lot and the trainer’s approach.
L. Helless – Senior Specialist, Quality & Excellence
Dubai Statistics Center

Very interesting topic and much to learn from it. It was delivered in a very good way.
S. AlRomaithi – Head Planning & Follow Up

Very informative course, an eye opener, providing food for thought.
A. Hussain – Finance Manager

It was a very nice course and really added more to my knowledge.
E. Murrar – Costing Supervisor

It was a very good course!
R. AlOtaiba – Policy Analyst

Emmanuel delivers complex ideas in a simple and easy manner.
A. Khan – Operations Support Manager

I really liked the course and the trainer.
S. Slashed – Protocol Director & CSR Head

Excellent presentation with professional trainer.
J. Ali – EHS Manager
Rotana Hotel Management

STREAM delivered our in-house Corporate Responsibility training in a very practical and participative manner, engaging our senior managers and debating the key social and environmental issues and opportunities we are facing. Our participants learned a great and feel inspired by the training.
R. Arratia – Sustainability Director EMEAI

The course standard exceeded our expectations by far. Especially the trainer showed enormous knowledge and impressive ability to adjust to specific needs of participants.
C. Andersen – Senior Consultant
Danish Centre for Leadership

It was a pleasure that the trainer is so knowledgeable on CSR.
I. Quist Mortensen – CSR Manager

A very constructive training that surpassed my expectations by far. I was very satisfied with the trainer's knowledge & ability to readjust the course following queries & discussion. It was a very professional & spiritual course that combined both theory & practical case-studies on sustainability & excellence, inspiring all management team & myself.
D. Vidakis – General Manager
Coca-Cola HBC

Thank you very much for your kindness and for having fulfilled my expectations. I received very good feedback from the participants in the course. I hope that your efforts to transfer your knowledge to others will help them to contribute to a more sustainable Abu Dhabi.
E. Ramos – Policy and Strategy Advisor
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi

A very pragmatic, well structured course which broadened my Sustainability perspective, whilst providing a simplified roadmap.
F. Briganti – Vice President
Emirates Aluminium

This training added value to the concept of Sustainability I had and opened my mind to be a part of the Sustainability group in an effective way.
F. Salameh – Senior Operations Officer
First Abu Dhabi Bank

Very useful, it expanded my knowledge and systemic framework to implement sustainability.
A. Yousuf – Head of Strategy & Performance Section
Department of Finance

Emmanuel is a real authority on Sustainability and transfers knowledge with enthusiasm and passion.
K. Davies – Environment Manager
ALDAR Properties

A very practical and useful introduction to the A-Z of Sustainability.
S. Santolin – Head of Sustainability
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Very informative and rewarding course, with lots of new information about sustainability and responsibility.
M. Shteawi – Executive Director
European Sustainable Excellence Services

This course sets the right mindset and framework on how to drive responsible management.
S. AlHameedi – Environment Analyst

The course will not teach you how to change your company to follow sustainability; it will teach you how to embed responsibility into what you do in your organization.
R. Abdullah – Head of Strategy & Corporate Development
Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects

Mr. Emmanuel Perakis has taken us to a journey of real life examples, highlighting the essence of Sustainability. I highly recommend attending this course.
N. AlShamsi – Performance Specialist
Department of Economic Development

The course is a great and amazing source to understand Sustainability as it ought to.
M. AlJawi – Manager, Environment
Emirates Aluminium

I have learned so much from the course about sustainability.
S. Markhan – Chief Consultant
Mohamed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment

It’s more about how to be responsible, not only for the show.
A. Harib – Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
Community Development Authority

Thank you, great course, I learned a lot about Sustainability.
Dr R. Baroudi – Manager Planning & Performance Management

This is a very informative course about GRI principles.
S. AlAbdulla – Deputy Vice President, EHS
Emirates Aluminium

It refreshed and enhanced my knowledge.
H. Ibrahim – Senior Manager Sustainability
Sorouh Real Estate

The course helped me understand something, that I thought was beyond my capacity to grasp.
M. P. Sankar – Outreach Coordinator
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi


We are very grateful for the 3 year support provided, without it we wouldn’t be able to set a Sustainability Strategy and develop our Sustainability Reports.
C. Zeidan – Corporate EHS Director
Rotana Hotels

STREAM exceeded our expectations in delivering on time a high quality CSR Report, showing significant experience and noteworthy professionalism.
S. Heliopoulou – Senior Communications Manager

It is important to recognise an exceptional performance, as it rewards a partner who invested its experience and specialisation in our Responsibility & Sustainability Report. STREAM offered support, guidance and acknowledgement with patience, passion and dedication. Our everyday practices were transformed in a simple and understandable, yet reliable and accurate way, making our cooperation with STREAM absolutely satisfying.
F. Koulampa – Quality & Sustainability Director

Our cooperation has added extra value on the development of our CR Report, leading us to always improve.
S. Aggelopoulou – CR, PR & Internal Com. Deputy Director

STREAM is characterized by high quality professionalism, speed, result oriented way of thinking and high-end knowledge.
K. Zissou – Trucks Marketing

I thought writing a Sustainability Report is like building a Rocket, but after the coaching I feel motivated to write the Sustainability Report.
K. AlMarar – Chairman Sustainable Development
Al Ain Municipality