For years, researchers, organizations, and leaders have been battling with the challenge of how best to create a motivating and engaging work environment that is inspiring and maximizing the work passion and performance of employees.

The reason that leaders are interested in what drives employees is because it leads to commitment, commitment leads to engagement, and engagement leads to high performance.

However, building a high performing organization requires better understanding not only of  employees individually, but furthermore of an organization’s combined culture.

For this reason we offer CultureMap, an online values based psychometric analysis tool (powered by Humantelligence), which measures and reports the organization’s combined Motivators-Values, Behavior, Ideal Work, Communication Style and Learning & Teaching style.

CultureMap is a scientifically robust, cost effective and innovatively easy to use tool, which provides culture analytics and segmentation for a more complete picture about what initiates, drives and sustains the culture of an organization, in order to better understand strategic behavioral strengths and challenges, and take strategic human resource decisions which establish the work environment your employees need to deliver.

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