The best managers—the ones who keep their teams engaged and productive and are considered invaluable assets to their organizations—are those who embrace the modern principles of human motivation and behavior to move the most passive team members, and they arm themselves with the data to understand what works and what doesn’t.

For this reason we offer MyTeam, an online psychometric tool (powered by Humantelligence), which helps managers know precisely how to manage their team members effectively and efficiently (e.g. motivate, communicate, reward, lead), and measure their engagement levels regularly.

MyTeam is a scientifically robust, cost effective and innovatively easy to use tool (as it can be completed in only 15 minutes through only 36 questions), which uncovers the Work Motivators, Work Behavior, Ideal Work, Life Priorities, Communication style and Learning and Teaching styles of each individual member and the team as a group, provides tangible tips for how to work and lead each team member, as well as an easy and simple online tool to measure engagement regularly.

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